My company has been importing and selling boats since 2006 from all over the world. We have always trusted Stan Collett of Portrush Holdings with the commissioning and repairing of our boats. He approaches each job with integrity and professionalism that reflects his experience. He was able to provide indepth reports and surveys which were accurate and detailed along with photos. He also corresponded well with our clients and suppliers when it came to working on insurance and warranty issues.

Stan was also involved with one of our brokerage sales of a boat from Hong Kong. Together we visited the boat with the client and carried out all the necessary pre-purchase inspections giving good advice to our client who ended up buying the vessel. Stan was then engaged as a Skipper and Engineer on that boat during its first year including organizing the transit from Asia to New Zealand by ship.

Stan's knowledge of everything Marine is invaluable and we have always relied on his wealth of experience. He has been a huge asset to our business for the last 14 years.
Richard Wardenburg
Hybrid Boats
Thank you for going the extra mile!! Rather than just telling us that you can’t do the survey, you went ahead and organised David as a replacement, giving us a solution so we don’t have to stress. Very Professional and Considerate, which is one of the things that makes you different, and better than the rest! Tracye and I wish you the very best for a speedy recovery, and look forward to doing future business together.
Ron Mossman Busfield Marine Brokers
Ron Mossman
Yacht Broker, South Pacific Boat Sales Ltd
I recently called on Captain Collett to survey a large and high-value ocean-going launch. This vessel was from a very well regarded brand and clearly in superb condition with unusually low hours on both the hull and machinery. Captain Collett's approach was measured and considered as he reviewed the boat from stem to stern and keel to radar array over a number of days. As a result he was able to identify a number of minor issues that I had not even seen, as well as provide me with the context of why and how the problem had arisen.

This approach easily allowed me to report back to the vendor and to have most of the problems repaired as part of the Sale & Purchase arrangements. These ‘finds’ more than paid for the cost of the survey.

Captain Collett is clearly vastly experienced and his skills draw from a multi-faceted background in and around a range of boats. At the same time, his style is very personable so he is able to ‘call things as they are’ without being confrontational – a skill we appreciated greatly as tensions were high despite both the Vendor and the Purchaser wanting the deal to proceed. I happily recommend him for similar assignments.
Terry Bell
Terranova Homes
I have employed Stan Collett of Portrush Holdings Ltd on two occasions, for pre-purchase inspections of cruising yachts. He was recommended to me as someone with extensive experience in the industry and is one of the few marine surveyors registered with Maritime NZ. This latter point is uncommon for persons advertising for pre-purchase inspection work in NZ but was vitally important to me for quality assurance.

I found Stan to be professional in every respect; he conducted himself with care and diligence and to the highest possible standards. He was reliable, punctual and a good communicator with an enjoyable sense of humour. In instances where his negative findings were likely to be of concern to the vendor, he went above and beyond in taking time to respectfully explain and justify his findings to the third party. In summary, I was very impressed with Stan Collett and his work and would have no hesitation in recommending him for pre-purchase inspection of any cruising yacht.
Dr Warrick Bruce
I have known and worked with Stan Collett at a professional level for the last twenty years. Both Stan and my businesses have operated in similar and complementary environments over this time period. He has a deep knowledge and a lot of experience in the mechanical side of the marine industry and he is able to communicate this well.

Stan's rolls have been as a Client, Contractor and Consultant. My company has also operated as a supplier of Marine Mechanical Services and Consultation to Portrush Holdings and I have come to appreciate Stan's knowledge, experience and honesty as all of our dealings have been a positive and successful experience.
Gavin Forrest
Duke Engineering & Maintenance Ltd
I have known Stan for more than 3 decades, first meeting him in his Skipper’s role on a syndicated 60’ motor yacht in Auckland. As a yacht broker I have called on Stan’s engineering expertise and survey skills and recommended him to many of my clients over the years. Without doubt he is one of the most experienced and highly qualified professionals in his field.
Tim Matheoda
Ranger Marine Ltd.
Capt C (Stan) and I worked together for about 18 months on a project in Myanmar between 2013 and 2015. Stan was a delight to work with throughout. He was extraordinarily focused, utterly committed (we regularly worked together until the wee hours of the morning!) and highly professional.

If you are looking for someone with a terrific work ethic, the mojo of ten people and that “can do / make it happen attitude”, together with a good sense of humour to boot, then Stan ticks all the boxes.

First class in every way and a massive addition to any team.
Rupert Trotter
Aequitas Holdings Pte Ltd.
Good bugga, great communication and very thorough, highly recommend.
Jeremy Payne
Stan Collett has been our Surveyor for over 6 years. Stan provides very professional and knowledgeable service in surveying our commercial vessels both to meet legislative requirements as well as in assisting us with advice on a new vessel build and pre-purchase inspections on recreational vessels.

We have always found Stan to be easily accessible and our requirements met to a very high and thorough standard. His communication skills are excellent and we would have no hesitation in recommending Stan Collett as a proficient, knowledgeable, reliable and efficient Surveyor.
Brendan Taylor Neptune Fishing
Brendan Taylor
Neptune Fishing Limited
Thanks for your excellent report on the Vindex and for being able to carry it out with short notice. We are pleased with the result and have proceeded with the purchase process.
Graham Castle
My company has contracted to Stan Collet (Portrush Holdings) on numerous occasions for over 13 years in the Auckland area. In this time we have worked together to correct faults and issuses and do cosmetic work and general maintenance for all types of vessels under his care.

I enjoy working with Stan as his knowledge is immense and he is one of the best project managers that we have worked with. I would recommend him over others due to pragmatic approach and sound decision making to do things correctly. Overall you are in good hands if he is looking after your vessel.
Shaun Rowe
Rowe Boat Painters
Hi Stan, we would like to thank you for your great help today! It was a privilege to be out on the water with you today.
We are so happy with your report and your kind advice. You are a born teacher and mentor. I am sure we will cross paths again.
Ralph Pfister
Oceania Dairy Limited
Nothing has given me more confidence than to have Captain Stan help me navigate this vast, complicated world of yacht purchasing. He goes above and beyond his duties, helping me in my inexperience to make better, well-informed decisions, about major purchases that could affect much of my life.

I appreciate that Stan operates with empathy, always willing to lend an ear and give me insight into his vast pool of knowledge. My only disappointment is that we haven't had more time to share stories, because I'm certain he's got a boatload full of them!
Jordan Olson
Thank you for all the detailed and concise informative you provided, I think you are a great person and a solid professional and I won’t hesitate to recommend you to all my friends.
Oleg Amiton
I have known Stan Collett since the mid 80’s and worked with Stan on a number of commercial vessels as Engineer/Mate. Since then, I lived on and sailed a yacht for 20 years in the South Pacific and during this time, often came across Stan whilst we were both engaged in a variety of maritime activities.

Stan has an ability to get jobs done in a jovial way, whilst maintaining the highest standards of seamanship and integrity, and as a fellow mariner, he has my greatest respect.
Peter Lee
Retired Engineer
I first met Stan Collett some 25 years ago while servicing the Bauer dive compressor aboard a vessel his company managed and maintained. Myself at the time, being new to the luxury marine industry, I was impressed with the attention to standards and detail required, which Stan was only too pleased to induct me to.

Since that time we have worked together on many projects and consulted on many more. There were difficulties and there were hard won successes, but always we found the best and most cost effective answers to the problems we faced.
Terry Brunton
TerryB Ltd