About Us

Who we are

Portrush Holdings grew out of Marine Systems, a company that ensured all the repair work, maintenance and engineering required for vessels. Nowadays we are a marine consulting company specialised in surveys and project management for yacht construction. We operate in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

Many island vessels built or purchased in New Zealand have been delivered through the Pacific by Portrush and then the project has continued with the governing bodies to act as mediator in marine issues, and consultant to the likes of the Samoan Shipping Corporation. We assure the highest level of quality from an immense and wide ranging experience in the marine industry.

Portrush Holdings continues to work closely with Maritime New Zealand and other regulatory bodies, as well as highly trained colleagues whose collaboration allows us to assist in every situation. We are involved with marine qualified crews who are used on delivery work, or specialty services such as salvage.

On standby during inclement weather, Portrush supplies knowledge and hands on assistance. Years of sea miles have given us the ability to call on a wealth of knowledge required to ensure that any salvage is done efficiently and with a minimum of damage.

To many clients, Portrush Holdings is simply the "Problem Solver"

Project management, consultation and advice require years of not only understanding the issues and the remedies, but of actually working the equipment and vessels.

Our Managing Director’s commercial years on tugs, salvage teams and dredging to high powered 37 metre catamarans, wavepiercers or the impressive “Jet Raider”, as captain or chief engineer, have given him experience operating in most Pacific countries, and the qualifications of a dual role, so difficult to find in today’s environment. 


Managing Director


As a Maritime New Zealand Authorised Person and Recognised Surveyor, Stan Collett brings with him knowledge and requirements for commercial vessels under part 40 of the maritime rules.

He has had an immense amount of experience running successful marine refit companies in New Zealand and providing build construction, consultation and design in Burma (Myanmar), China, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Deliveries are undertaken personally, as a Master and Engineer for 47 years throughout the Pacific.