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About us

We are a marine consulting company focused on bringing the best international skills, construction techniques and practices to the yachting industry. We operate in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and New Zealand. 

Our in-house quality control/assurance program for vessel construction has been refined over 40 years as its members have performing it internationally. It has evolved with input through experience working in leading international shipyards and with close involvement with major statutory authorities such as the Royal Institute of Naval Architects, International Institute of Marine Surveying and Maritime New Zealand.

Portrush has also served as advisor to superyacht projects and consultant to governmental bodies in the Pacific.


We rush from port to port





Words can't properly express my appreciation to you, John and Graham for your efforts. It was a great undertaking done in good humour and professionally. Without your help ELENA M would remain in Subic and become more of a cause of stress which I truly don't need. Thanks again to the three of you.
John Whale


The Royal Institution of Naval Architects